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Where AI Meets Culinary and Wellness

Building data-driven culinary intelligence that helps culinary (Food, beverages, and kitchen related product/service) businesses to elevate their consumer experiences and business growth

Explore, imagine, and build

Dive into a world where your culinary imagination knows no bounds.

tinychef has been working on futuristic culinary AI™ that is built with proprietary large data and recipe repository that enables multiple use cases in the culinary space. Explore these sample use cases to fuel your imagination and together we can build the future of culinary experiences. 

Case studies

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

“ turned my recipes into interactive cooking experiences on Alexa. It's like having a virtual sous-chef in the kitchen, guiding you every step of the way. Simply brilliant!"

Cast iron cookware owner

"Thanks to, we've seen a 10% sales increase across all channels. This platform is now a vital part of our marketing toolkit."

Marketing head - Microgreens

“'s voice-interactive campaigns doubled our Amazon sales. It's a game-changing platform we can't afford to ignore.”
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